Wednesday, January 31, 2018

What I’m Watching: The Gifted (Season Finale)

The Gifted: Season 1, Episodes 12 and 13 “eXtraction” and “X-roads” (B)

I’ve been waiting for this show to prove itself as something worth watching and capable of growing beyond its premise, and I’m not sure it’s done that. It’s a perfectly fine series that isn’t overly irritating or anything like that, but I still don’t see exactly how its longevity is going to work. The presence of the Frost triplets has turned things considerably darker since they’re operating the same way that Dr. Campbell has been, fighting back with violence designed to eradicate since that seems to be their only option for survival. The biggest development of this hour is the corruption of both Polaris and Andy, who have joined the dark side and broken with those they care about. There’s still some hope, in theory, for the already angry Andy, but Polaris has taken out innocent people aboard that plane with the senator and with Dr. Campbell, who I was sure was going to be revealed as a mutant with powers of invincibility. As Reed and Caitlin continue using the power of their brains to think of clever ways to continue to evade capture, some of the mutants are being drawn into the hate and using it to be as destructive as possible. I’m mildly intrigued to see what season two will look like, and I suppose the way that it could work is if there were two rival mutant factions fighting each other, one advocating for peace and the other for vanquishing of their enemies. The real question is where Agent Turner falls in all this and whether there’s any hope for him. I imagine I’ll at least check in for the season two premiere.

Season grade: B
Season MVP: Stephen Moyer as Reed

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