Sunday, January 7, 2018

What I’m Watching: The Gifted

The Gifted: Season 1, Episode 11 “3 X 1” (B)

The stage is being set for an explosive two-hour finale, and this show just received a second season renewal, something that was far from guaranteed and should hopefully now allow for some more creative long-term plotting. The Frost triplets, as I guess they’re best called, are a freaky new addition to the show, speaking in unison to their commander from the Hellfire Club and then splitting up to get into the heads of their best recruits in the Mutant Underground. They’re not interested in the same kind of resistance, aggressively inviting needless casualties to show the dominant nature of the mutant species, something that will only continue to drive humans further from any possible space of reconciliation. Jace speaking at his friend’s funeral while the mutants buried Dreamer provided a powerful parallel, and Jace is resolute about his desire to stop the mutant threat while still remaining a voice of conscience as he watches what Dr. Campbell is doing. As usual, this show’s best asset is its creative display of powers, and watching two brainwashed mutants using the power boost to conjoin their abilities was intense. Polaris, whose father was apparently a big deal in the Hellfire Club, is also experiencing newfound powers thanks to her pregnancy, and we’re getting close to an all-out battle where the Strucker children may not be the most powerful people in the room. I’m hopeful that the season ender will be impactful and make season two something to look forward to that can finally think beyond what it’s like to be on the run and what a permanent Mutant Underground headquarters might look like.

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