Friday, January 12, 2018

What I’m Watching: Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery: Season 1, Episode 10 “Despite Yourself” (B-)

I said that I wasn’t sure if I’d continue watching this show when it returned from its two-month hiatus, and though this debut installment wasn’t all that terrible, I think I have my clear answer. Let me preface this by saying that the mirror universe is probably my favorite concept in all of “Star Trek.” Having each of the characters take on a different role and often encounter the regular version of themselves was fun, and often led to some great storylines. But in this case, we’re a mere ten episodes into the first season of this show, and we don’t really know – or like – our characters well enough to be ready to meet alternate versions of them just yet. Sure, it’s a blast to see Tilly – nicknamed Captain Killy – in the captain’s chair pretending to be a badass when she’s anything but. Everything else feels all too convenient. Worse still, the unfortunate Klingon obsession continues to dominate things, with Ash not only hallucinating his Klingon captor-lover but now acting with a separate personality. Stamets was in bad enough shape, now Ash has killed Hugh. Not only does no one know yet, but I can only imagine that things will get much worse from here. It’s bold – and not in a good way – that this show wants to set itself entirely in the mirror universe (or whatever this is supposed to be) for multiple episodes, and a quick look at the sneak peek at the rest of the season indicates that characters will, understandably, be irreversibly transformed by their experiences. I’m happy to let them do that on their own – I’m out.

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