Friday, January 19, 2018

SAG Winner Predictions: Best Female Actor in a Drama Series

The competition: Millie Bobby Brown’s super-powered friend (Stranger Things), Claire Foy’s Queen Elizabeth (The Crown), Laura Linney’s loyal wife (Ozark), Elisabeth Moss’ trapped mother (The Handmaid’s Tale), and Robin Wright’s cutthroat politician (House of Cards).

For your information: Brown was nominated last year, as was Foy, who won. This is the fourth consecutive nomination for Wright, and she also has two previous film nominations. Moss was nominated twice for “Mad Men” and once for “Top of the Lake.” Linney has two film nominations and won in 2008 for the miniseries “John Adams.” Brown, Foy, and Moss are all nominated as part of their ensembles (Brown’s won last year).

Who should win? I didn’t get past episode one of Linney’s show. I think Moss deserves it most but Brown would be fine too, as would either of the other two even if they wouldn’t get my top vote.

Who will win? While Moss is a likely favorite, I think the more traditionally-minded SAG voters will seek to reward Wright for the first time and for persevering in spite of her costar and past SAG winner Kevin Spacey.

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