Monday, January 15, 2018

What I’m Watching: Life in Pieces

Life in Pieces: Season 3, Episode 10 “Emergency Interview Driving Lunch” (C+)

This show has been getting more creative with its format recently, and this episode was all about imagined scenarios that could have played out as Matt and Colleen took the next step in their quest to have a baby. Unfortunately, only the first and third of these segments really worked at all. While Heather lying on the floor and refusing to call anyone but Matt for help was over-the-top, that’s how she sometimes is, and the two of them can be funny together. When he hit the truck because he was busy arguing with the telemarketer who refused to take him off the list until he had listened to the entire sales pitch – something that I can’t see being true in real life as someone whose in-laws regularly receive numerous unwanted calls daily to which they request to be taken off the list – that vignette became fun when a blind Tim had Samantha driving to his rescue to be able to bring what she thought was a blood sample to the clinic. At least the two of them got ice cream in the end. Greg having Matt come over to control his drugged-out parents while he had a Skype interview went quickly awry, and Matt did a truly terrible job of keeping them out of the room where he was speaking, which tanked the whole thing and led to Greg revealing that he wasn’t wearing pants. The fourth segment really killed it for me since I can’t stand Dougie as a character, and nothing about that bit, even Jen’s odd excitement, could salvage it. Thankfully, someone else being in the room at the clinic was the worst of his true worries in the way things actually happened.

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