Friday, January 12, 2018

What I’m Watching: Shameless

Shameless: Season 8, Episode 9 “The Fugees” (B+)

It’s didn’t take long for Frank’s operation to be compromised, thanks to his inability to follow his own directions and a far less cooperative cohort than his first crew. Sometimes, this show throws some crazy stuff at its viewers, and the two Canadian cops getting killed when their cruiser hit a moose was intense. Leave it to Frank to luck out like that, and his journey back to the United States wasn’t quick or pleasant, nor were his customers pleased to find out that he hadn’t in fact procured the promised goods. Fiona may not have been ready to bowl with Ford’s collection of exes, but she did manage to get close to the man himself in a way that he wasn’t up for the first time she kissed him. Carl is having some major relationship woes, and buying jewelry for his psychotic clingy girlfriend went a very different way than he intended. Debs may have a baby, but Carl is about to become the first member of his Gallagher generation to have a spouse. Lip opting not to tell Sierra about Charlie’s baby mama was an honest move, and it paid off very well for him as he tried to convince her of Charlie’s merits and ended up having sex with her instead. Ian is doing very well in his crusade to show the disenfranchised gay youth the lord’s way, and what a group of open-minded preachers he’s found in the process. Svetlana appears to be affected by Kevin’s dominant treatment, and let’s hope that Kev and Veronica can find a way to work with her before she undermines them once again.

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