Thursday, September 6, 2018

What I’m Watching: Insecure

Insecure: Season 3, Episode 4 “Fresh-like” (B+)

It’s really difficult to predict where Issa’s life is going to go given all of the major decisions that she’s been making lately. Her response to Frieda telling her that she finally got approval for her to go back into the field was to promptly opt to take the afternoon off so that she could pretend to be sick and hang out with the lovely man not named Nanceford from her Lyft a few episodes back. It also appeared that she ditched a Lyft customer she was supposed to pick up at the airport, ironically for a guy who she met doing that very job. The time that she spent with Nathan was pretty fantastic, with their taco run-in turning into an extremely personal game of truth or dare followed by some light breaking-and-entering to Issa’s childhood pool. He represents a new opportunity for Issa, though it’s also possible that their time together is too idyllic, and it’s a dangerous distraction from reality. She was ready to ignore her duties as property manager when the kid knocked on her door, and then she went in and quit her day job as a result of her inspiration. Molly navigating her new work world is going increasingly poorly, as she finally made some gains only to have them completely reversed when she tried to play for both teams instead of firmly staking out one alliance. Not focusing much on Daniel in this hour was perfectly fine by me – Issa and Molly are much more interesting characters to follow.

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