Sunday, May 7, 2023

What I’m Watching: Barry (Season Premiere)

Barry: Season 4, Episode 1 “Yikes” (B+)

I had the chance to attend an FYC screening a few months ago that featured the fantastic season three episode “810N” where Bill Hader expressed just how bold a decision it was to send Barry to prison. And it’s playing out in a way that feels so uniquely like this show, with Barry isolated from the people he knows and wandering around in a world that he still fully doesn’t understand. He seemed sincere when he told Cousineau that he just wanted to protect him, and after his acting teacher responded in a very harsh manner, he ended up taking a dark turn by egging on a sympathetic guard by telling him he was a cop killer to bring on a beating. Fuches was ready to turn on Barry right away to save himself, but that shot of him pulling the wire out and cradling his old friend suggests that maybe he does really care about Barry more than anything. Sally is unsurprisingly spiraling, and her family seems more interested in being offended about her show than taking care of her. Hank, who is living a nice but boring life with Cristobal in Santa Fe, got spooked by someone else answering Barry’s phone pretending to be him, and he too is going to head right back into dangerous territory to try to protect an old buddy. I’m intrigued by Jim’s newfound relationship with Cousineau, and I’m thrilled to see a terrific and underrated actor, Patrick Fischler, join this season as a reporter who really wants to tell Janice’s story.

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