Thursday, May 11, 2023

What I’m Watching: The Company You Keep

The Company You Keep: Season 1, Episode 8 “The Art of the Steel” (B+)

I like that we’re seeing different members of the Nicoletti family interact with Emma, and that Bird wasn’t just there to challenge her but instead to point out that her perspective might be somewhat warped since being honest with her meant that he had put them at risk. That the two of them decided to work a con of their own together in service of getting Patrick released from jail was fun, as was the fact that Emma pretty much got to pretend to be Daphne. Getting to bail Leo out when he got arrested was a major win for her, and it’s a good thing that he has so many people looking out for him. Bird tracking him was a helpful start, and Charlie was more than ready to step in to play a caddy even though he didn’t know just moments earlier that his dad was pulling a job. I recognized Matthew Glave from past paternal roles in “Better Things” and “Rebel,” and the way in which he so eagerly bet thousands of dollars on each golf hole made him a worthy target of revenge. Fran seems very concerned about her husband’s well-being, and my concern continues to be that Daphne is going to just walk right in when Emma happens to be visiting the bar since they keep not meeting at a safer secret location. But Daphne also has her hands full at the moment, with Patrick well aware that Connor wasn’t the child who got him released from jail but also seemingly intent on only using her until she’s no longer an asset, something that’s sure to make her angry and even more eager to seize control of this empire before they push her out.

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