Monday, May 8, 2023

What I’m Watching: Succession

Succession: Season 4, Episode 4 “Honeymoon States” (B+)

The aftermath of Logan’s death may not have been quite as emotionally devastating, but tensions were absolutely very high and there were some harsh words uttered by many members of the Roy family and their closest associates. Karl not holding back with Tom about what he really thought of him was particularly vicious, and Greg is doing a miserable job of trying to stay relevant when no one wants him around. That Logan wrote that he wanted Kendall to take over and then either crossed it out or underlined it is maddening, and seeing the three youngest Roy siblings weigh in on the situation is mesmerizing. Connor’s concern that Ron was improperly politically defining his father felt far from critical, and offering up $63 million to buy the place from Marcia felt intensely out of touch with the way everyone else, even his siblings, are operating. His swing states “honeymoon” is also a humorous concept, even if Willa is adjusting to the way living with his extraordinary wealth and delusion will change her day-to-day. Marcia was quite cruel to Kerry when she showed up at the apartment, and when Roman is defending someone, it feels as if a line has been crossed. Stewy showed his transparent loyalty to Kendall, who also directed Hugo to derail his dead father’s reputation despite the objection of his siblings. Matsson still wanting them to come to the retreat feels like an overreach, but these kids will do anything to stay in power, even while those who haven’t “pre-grieved” are still mourning.

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