Wednesday, May 10, 2023

What I’m Watching: Lucky Hank

Lucky Hank: Season 1, Episode 5 “The Clock” (B+)

There was a lot going on in this episode, which used some clever dinner party-themed framing to anchor its events. Hank trying to get people to move the grandfather clock in was a great way of summarizing all of the relationships and personality dynamics at play, and by the time Tony was willing to help him, he didn’t even seem focused on the task at hand anymore. It was extremely uncomfortable to hear Hank so thoughtlessly dismiss Lily wanting to have a real conversation about taking the job that would be great for her, and that only got worse when Hank saw the text from Tom and then he expressly said that he wasn’t going even if she was. This was the definition of airing private affairs in public, and Lily hit right back with the happiness percentage game, which Hank failed miserably. Things took a much more serious turn when Hank started crying and flashed back to the memory of a suicide attempt, indicative of much greater trauma buried under his sarcastic personality. Paul’s unhinged desire to have Hank’s house was a lot, and he managed to redeem himself somewhat by telling an endearing story about affection that started with him being married to someone else. Gracie continues to be a lot, and I enjoyed her getting stuck when she wanted to come up with a good retort when Paul treated her just as he always does. Emma seemed ready to mess with Tony by telling him about June and Teddy’s open marriage, and they both took over making him squirm when he tried to ask just her out. I love that only Emma knows the by-laws even though, as she said, they’re really not very long or complicated at all.

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