Thursday, May 4, 2023

What I’m Watching: Ghosts

Ghosts: Season 2, Episode 19 “Ghost Father of the Bride” (B)

While it’s possible they’ll be written off as crazy, Sam and Jay should really try telling the truth with more people since the reactions to those they have let in on the secret haven’t been nearly as bad as they could have been. They didn’t quite do that in this case, but Laura was ultimately moved by the apparent presence of her father’s spirit around her, even if he forgot that it was actually orchids when he was so obsessed with getting the right flowers that she didn’t even remember. Kids are always tricky too, so Little Pete was so familiar with his grandfather’s journal that he was able to tell that something had been added recently. Carol’s attitude was terrible, but there’s also a reason Pete was interested in making things special for his daughter and not his wife. I had honestly forgotten all about Crash and don’t think he really needed to make a return appearance, but it did give us Isaac and Alberta as a crime-solving duo, which was fun. Jay farting because he didn’t know the ghosts were in the room and Thor suggesting trying the carrots after the stick were other humorous subplots that helped make this episode decently entertaining. Maybe the successful wedding will bring more business to this struggling establishment, which caters far too much to its undead inhabitants to really be able to focus on figuring out how to best serve the living guests who might be able to help them afford to keep it afloat.

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