Tuesday, August 14, 2018

What I’m Watching: The Affair

The Affair: Season 4, Episode 7 (B)

It’s definitely true that out of all the characters on this show, Helen is pretty much the most interesting. Maura Tierney is also the only performer to earn any Emmy attention during the show’s run, and she often gets the best material. I did feel for the first ten or fifteen minutes of this episode, as I have for some of this season thus far, that she was just around to be angry about everything and judgmental towards everyone. Fortunately, that changed as the episode went on and she got to gawk at Sierra’s complete lack of self-awareness, talking about Helen’s perfect life and revealing rather unsubtly that she had slept with a married man whose wife she really liked. Arriving into hippie territory took a more dramatic turn when Helen became the guru after she started talking about having had four kids and demonstrating that she had more life experience than anyone else in the room. Sleeping with Sierra was almost a footnote, since her experience in the sensory deprivation tank, one which was sure to go poorly, sent her rushing home and into Vic’s arms, hardly the ending I would have expected. Noah also found himself in a parental role after a terrible driving session with Trevor, helping to set Anton on the right path and away from enlistment by offering to take him to see the school he wanted to attend. With just three episodes left in this season, it makes sense that we’re getting to the point where the season-long mystery, albeit the one that’s been most in the background as compared with previous plot points, is becoming current, as Cole showed up in Chicago to drive Noah and Anton around in frantic search of the missing Alison.

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