Tuesday, August 28, 2018

What I’m Watching: Trial and Error

Trial and Error: Season 2, Episode 8 “Bad Instincts” (B)

I’m realizing just how close we are to the end here, with no news on the possibility of a third season yet and just two episodes left to conclude this storyline. It’s seeming more and more like Dwayne isn’t actually Lavinia’s son, but I think he still may be and she just doesn’t care if she manipulates him at all. His attempts to start acting smart since he was now a Peck weren’t nearly as successful as he hoped, but it was entertaining, and perceiving brunch as dipping bread into punch was one of his best pearls of wisdom. Planting a video camera in his tie clip was a shrewd move, and now she’ll be on to the fact that Dwayne has hear real passport, which may implicate her more than she thinks. I’ve had about enough of Jesse Ray Beaumont and his naked tackling of Josh, and I much prefer Josh spooning with Carol Anne in her mobile hospital bed. That was a clever way for her to stay involved and relevant, and at least she’s crushing one of her opponents in the polls. Josh and Carol Anne seem like a more likely couple than Josh and Nina, but she’s sticking around too and becoming very involved in the office chanting. Anne’s latest condition didn’t affect much other than her doing a lot of peculiar things like use a giant spoon to take what she thought was a very tiny sample. It’s understandable that it had variable effects on her relationship with her husband as well.

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