Monday, August 13, 2018

What I’m Watching: Trial and Error

Trial and Error: Season 2, Episode 4 “A Hole in the Case” (B)

The latest of Anne’s conditions didn’t have the disastrous effect I had expected – which was her owing a whole lot of money for the auction item she accidentally raised her hand to bid on – but it did present a major breakthrough in the case for the prosecution that explained how Lavinia could indeed have killed her husband and transported him a far distance without actually moving herself. Of course the town of East Peck would have a guy named E-bay known for having and selling things but who had no connection to the famed website of the same name. The revelation of the unnamed houseboy as a potential suspect didn’t go too far, and Lavinia’s double identity as her childhood friend wasn’t all that relevant either. It was fun to see Jim O’Heir, best known as Jerry from “Parks and Recreation,” as handwriting expert Michael Poisson, who complimented Anne’s style and then tore apart Josh’s less-than-masculine writing when Carol Anne presented it in court to bait Josh into getting worked up. Carol Anne’s campaign is an entertaining subplot, distracting voters from the fact that she’s pregnant and that she’s a woman, two things that aren’t usually this exaggerated but might unfortunately deter some less evolved members of society. This show always goes over the top, especially with its “lady driver” device that’s referenced at least once an episode this season, but under it all there are definitely some echoes of truth that go over best when presented in such a mocking format.

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