Saturday, August 18, 2018

What I’m Watching: Trial and Error

Trial and Error: Season 2, Episode 5 “A Change in the Team” (B)

I was a bit surprised that things seemed to be wrapping up midseason, and I wondered what case might next fall to Josh and his one-person team. I had expected that this case was going to turn out the same way as the first one, with no one really having murdered the dead man, but instead, we got something different: Josh was on top of the world, ready to have the night of his life with Nina and enjoy eternal admiration from Lavinia, but now he has a much more arduous task in front of him. He knows that Lavinia killed Freda, which makes whether she killed Edgar somewhat irrelevant since that’s still a murder, but he’s had the case tossed in his favor after Carol Anne totally lost her cool and went berserk in front of the judge. Having Dwayne back on the team is a good thing, especially since he admitted in court that he thought Lavinia had done it, but I’m not sure he and Anne will believe Josh when he shares what he knows with them. Something tells me that Lavinia is going to be held in even higher esteem now that she’s been exonerated, and getting some sort of justice, which is what Josh is going to try hard to do, is going to prove exceptionally difficult if not impossible. Anne’s comments about getting Josh in Secret Santa and office parties being weird were a little much for me since there’s only so much suspension of disbelief possible when tuning in to this show.

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