Friday, August 24, 2018

What I’m Watching: Insecure (Season Premiere)

Insecure: Season 3, Episode 1 “Better-like” (B+)

In today’s current television landscape, comedies aren’t always as funny as they used to be, with shows like “Atlanta” and “Transparent” that assert their humor through social commentary rather than one-liners. It’s very welcome, therefore, to have a show like this, which is genuinely funny while also managing to be genuine along the way. Issa Rae is up for an Emmy for the second season of this show, which is great, and, from this start, it looks like season three will be just as strong a showcase. I love the idea that she’s a Lyft driver who brings her best friend with her in the car and advertises it as a “Party Lyft” with Capri Suns for the passengers, and of course she would be subjected to the misery of people throwing up in the back of her car and two guys, one hot and one completely disrespectful, getting into a fight into the back of her car when one of them started smoking. Issa’s main work life has reached a nadir, and I imagine she’ll leave, whether of her own volition or not, if things don’t change and she continues to be punished for past mistakes while the company is so clearly being held back by its lack of diversity. With Lawrence gone, we get to see more of Daniel, who’s not a bad guy and who is trying his best to be gracious to his live-in ex-girlfriend and find a happy place for them to exist in that makes them both comfortable. Molly is in a totally different place when it comes to her relationship with Dro, and he’s just trying to be sweet when all she wants is him not to feel any emotions at all.

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