Wednesday, August 15, 2018

What I’m Watching: The Affair

The Affair: Season 4, Episode 8 (B)

Well, I didn’t see that coming. Killing off one of this show’s two leads in the middle of an episode is a bold move, one that makes considerably more sense with the information that Ruth Wilson wanted to leave the show. A few weeks ago, this show was renewed for a fifth and final season, so it doesn’t appear that there would have been all that much more for her to stick around and experience, but I suppose there comes a time for everyone to move on. Having her death confirmed by Noah is made all the more powerful by the fact that we’re still going to have the chance to see her again, with one of the final two episodes of the season sure to feature her descent into despair. I wasn’t ready for the irreversibility and seriousness of that moment after an episode featuring comedy about Cole and Noah being mistaken for a gay couple and Anton getting himself into trouble before taking the best shower of his life. I do applaud the way that things came together and Cole ended up in Milwaukee with flowers and then could so easily drive to O’Hare to pick Noah and Anton up when they happened to get stuck there. While Cole is devastated, I can only imagine how Luisa will feel knowing that she’s still alive but was his second choice, and I’m curious to see what role both of them will play in the final season without Alison as a connection anymore.

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