Monday, August 27, 2018

What I’m Watching: Trial and Error

Trial and Error: Season 2, Episode 7 “A Family Affair” (B)

This show just went and solved a mystery we didn’t even know existed. Dwayne’s intelligence isn’t high, even for a resident of this town, and he’s never really talked about his mother that I can remember. Believing that she died two weeks before he was born shows that he doesn’t have a clue, but the worst thing he could ever have learned is that he’s a Peck. The age difference didn’t track for me, but apparently Kristin Chenoweth is indeed fifty years old in real life and actor Steven Boyer, who I had no idea was a past Tony nominee, is thirty-three. How that factors into the murder of Lavinia’s brother is unknown, since apparently she somehow still has her passport that shows that she was in Spain when she is alleged to have killed him. Josh’s luck is running out, and going through the photo of his colleagues who are all doing much, much better than him was his best way to cope with the bags of feces constantly being delivered to his office. Dwayne and Anne getting high to simulate Dr. Rock N’ Law’s frame of mind during the case was predictably unhelpful, and Carol Anne going into labor right after getting the endorsement from Lavinia was probably the worst timing she could have scheduled since it makes her look, more than anything, like a woman. The tidbits from the 1988 case are entertaining, particularly that Judge Kamiltow was going to end on his last case to become a baritone singer at Lincoln Center as long as nothing happened to his voice.

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