Sunday, September 2, 2018

What I’m Watching: Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul: Season 4, Episode 4 “Talk” (B+)

It’s really hard to get inside Jimmy’s head, as he got a phone call from the job that actually bothered to check his references rather than hiring him on the spot and turned it down without even getting out of bed. Telling Kim he got it after she tried to send him to a therapist was downright strange, and then of course he just called right back and accepted it after all. Jimmy found an easy way to make some money even though he’s bored out of his mind, something most people in his situation might take as an opportunity to multitask and get personal things – or side gigs – done while on the clock. That’s not how he works, of course, and something tells me his innovative marketing strategy is going to get him into trouble. Kim’s activities are also highly suspect, and she has no intention of taking the not-so-kind advice given by Ethan Phillips’ judge. Nacho having to watch a massacre happen, helpless to do anything about it, was unfortunate, and it’s clear that he’s coming undone. The undisputed MVP of this episode, who may in fact fully deserve the Emmy nomination he’s sure to get this year if this is his submitted hour, was Jonathan Banks as Mike, who not only flirted with Tamara Tunie’s Anita and outed Marc Evan Jackson’s Henry for making up a sob story to share in group but also didn’t even flinch when Gus called him for an audience to accuse him of betrayal. I’m glad they’re officially working together, and I do hope this new public collaboration includes Jimmy.

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