Thursday, September 12, 2019

Amazon with Abe: Fleabag (Series Finale)

Fleabag: Season 2, Episode 6 (A-)

Now this was a wonderful end to a truly amazing show that I wish was continuing forever. The sixth episode and therefore the final one submitted for Emmy consideration would actually have been a stronger showcase for Olivia Colman than the episode she picked, though I still think episode one was the smartest choice for all (save Andrew Scott, had he been nominated, of course, whose best moments came midseason). What was great about this episode was that Fleabag actually didn’t cause any problems at the wedding, aside from re-gifting her godmother’s stolen artwork to her, and that she got to be the mature, adult one for once. Claire revealing that she had the miscarriage and then making it abundantly clear that she wanted Martin to leave her was a formidable moment, and his defense that he wasn’t a bad person but just had a bad personality was hardly a compelling argument. Fleabag sending her off to proclaim her love for the other Claire was a wonderful act of loyalty and support. Her father, who cleverly was still not identified by name, clinging to her as he walked down the aisle was very telling, and it’s a wonder that the priest got through the ceremony without getting slapped in the face by a bride who was hardly the center of attention on the most important day of her life. After some enticing flirtation, like Fleabag asking him if it’s God or her that made him feel a certain way, this story ended in a very fitting way. His response that “it will pass” to her proclamation of love didn’t feel overly humane, but his follow-up joke about seeing her Sunday and “I love you too” meant that he understood just how difficult walking away from this relationship was. Sending a fox after him and revealing that she had stolen back the horrible piece of art was the best way possible to end this show, with her glancing back at the camera as she walked away. I hope this show goes home with a handful of Emmys, and I’d actually be thrilled if it somehow snatched the top prize. I think Colman and the writers of the season premiere are the likeliest winners, but I’m pulling for an upset by Phoebe Waller-Bridge in the Best Actress race.

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