Thursday, September 26, 2019

What I’m Watching: Our Boys

Our Boys: Season 1, Episode 8 “Defendants 2 and 3” (B+)

There are a few people on this show who actually seem capable of seeing a world larger than themselves. Simon is one, Hussein is another, and I’d actually argue that Avishai is as well, even those he has certain trouble relating to other people and communicating how he truly feels without a sense of nervousness and embarrassment only sometimes related to his stutter. Avishai is rightfully devastated about his current state, and wants to talk to Simon because the kindly agent understands that he feels remorse for what he did, which doesn’t seem to be true for Yinon. I’m not sure why anyone would have thought it was a good idea to send Yochi in so that he could continue to fuel Yinon’s extremism and work with his colleagues on the outside to send a message to Simon through his very upset brother, Rami, who was easily identifiable due to Simon’s questionably thin cover identity. It was extremely difficult watching Hussein and Suha’s faces as they heard Uri read the indictment, and Yosef Haim declaring loudly that he is the Messiah makes it seem like he’s trying to play into an insanity claim since his prior actions indicated a fervent zealotry but not delusions of grandeur. Dvora impressively refused to cave to pressure from Rabbi Ben-David, addressing only him and never looking at his or answering the questions of his manipulative lawyer, played by Menashe Noy, a standout performer films like “Gett: The Trial of Vivianne Amsalem” and “Working Woman.”

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