Friday, September 13, 2019

What I’m Watching: Our Boys

Our Boys: Season 1, Episode 6 “Chapter 6: Acceptance of Silence” (B+)

This episode pulled back from the intensity of the investigation to the slow procedure of double-checking and making sure that everything was covered before information was leaked in a way that would truly compromise the case. I was wondering whether there would be a moment when the two storylines intersected again, and Uri going to talk to Hussein was just that. He evidently wants to help do damage control to a degree, but he’s also serious about making sure that those responsible are held accountable for what they did in a legal way rather than something far less controllable. Naturally, Hussein is encouraged to doubt him by those around him, and just as he doesn’t want his son’s death to be used for causes that he doesn’t believe in, he doesn’t want it dismissed or buried either. Going to court to make sure that lawyers can’t be brought in was an interesting process, and tensions were high in the courtroom between the two lawyers on opposite sides. Simon bringing in Devorah to speak with Avishai and get him to stop his acceptance of silence was a bold move, and it’s nice to see some sort of honor with Simon actually turning the cameras off when she was in there talking to him. This show continues to do a superb job of bringing in many different perspectives, with Devorah’s husband demonstrating his own prejudices in how he thinks about the religious community and their tendencies. That final shot of Avishai being taken outside was appropriately haunting.

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