Sunday, September 29, 2019

What I’m Watching: Why Women Kill

Why Women Kill: Season 1, Episode 7 “I Found Out What the Secret to Murder is: Friends. Best Friends.” (B+)

I know that the opening and ending song had to with little white lies, but I felt like this episode was actually much more about illness and how it affected the residents of this house in each generation. The truest and most concerning development was related to Karl, who had finally been headed towards happiness as he stressed over what to wear for his date with Hector, and now is dealing with news about his health that he doesn’t want to share with an otherwise very happy Simone. That dramatic turn of events contrasted interestingly with the comedy of Simone rushing over to Naomi’s so that she could distract her before she read Tommy’s diary, something that may have encouraged a romantic trip overseas for them that surely can’t go as well as it seems it will right now. Beth Ann and Sheila were celebrating the end of April’s affair, but her calling the office repeatedly and then showing up at the house were signs that she wasn’t going away. Her pregnancy is indeed worrisome, and Beth Ann lying about having cancer is certainly going to backfire and only drive her husband away more eventually. Despite Jade’s coaching, Eli did not do a good job hiding his drug use, which was initially humorous and almost slapstick in nature until it quickly got very serious. Taylor threatening to walk out was made worse by Jade deciding to stay with him, leaving her as the lone party with both her parents united against her, which definitely is not good.

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