Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Amazon with Abe: Fleabag

Fleabag: Season 2, Episode 5 (B+)

This is the fifth episode of the season and, as such, the fifth submitted for Emmy consideration for Best Comedy Series. I like when the characters on this show are honest, since that doesn’t happen all that often, and the interactions they have when they’re talking to each other are fascinating. I somehow hadn’t processed that Claire’s affair with her Finnish partner of the same name was far more scandalous because she’s married to Martin, who continues to be despicable and whose company no one desires. Claire’s terrible pencil haircut that she apparently specifically requested went over very well with the male Claire, and Fleabag was eager to help her out with something that actually makes her happy. Telling her that she had met someone who was in fact the priest was a surprise, as was Claire’s delight that she had done something that would so infuriate their godmother. Her response to the priest telling them that he couldn’t do the wedding was predictably explosive, at least after she feigned politeness and understanding. Seeing the priest really get angry when he stopped by Fleabag and yelled at her for addressing the audience when they were in the middle of an important conversation where she was sure they were going to have sex was an intense experience, and the episode ended in a very fiery way. Knowing that if they had sex he’d fall in love with her is a big thing to say, and it seems impossible that this could all work out in a way that doesn’t end up with both of them very hurt.

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