Tuesday, September 10, 2019

What I’m Watching: The Affair

The Affair: Season 5, Episode 3 (B-)

Though this season is decidedly better than the third one that truly took it off course, I’m failing to see where it’s all headed and why it’s still interesting. We know by now that Noah is now a good person, and he deserves hearing about all the bad choices he’s made and what they led to every once in a while. It’s also evident that the way he perceives reality is skewed, and when he sees himself as being arrogant and impatient, that can’t be a good sign. Getting jealous about Helen and Sasha was typically unbecoming, and the notion that Sasha is trying to get closer to him by sleeping with Helen is so incredibly self-centered. In slight defense of him, Sasha doesn’t comprehend just how personal and biographical Noah’s book is, and that asking him to change the ending is the reason most authors don’t want their writings adapted into movies. Janelle getting back together with Carl and running for school board sends her off on her own little tangent, and I’m not sure how much more she’ll be featured so soon after getting her own perspective. Helen had a formidable moment of triumph when she told her mother that she wasn’t moving back east and then Sasha walked out and casually requested some coffee. I’m at a loss regarding Joanie’s relevance, since she just got five minutes at the end of the episode to demonstrate some truly self-destructive tendencies. She needs more screen time since little snippets throughout the season just won’t cut it.

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