Saturday, August 14, 2021

Take Three: Mr. Corman

Mr. Corman: Season 1, Episode 3 “Happy Birthday” (B)

There is no consistency whatsoever on this show, with each of the first three episodes coming across remarkably differently. I enjoyed the opportunity to meet Ruth’s new boyfriend, played by Debra Winger’s real-life husband Arliss Howard, and witness that little exchange of familiarity that didn’t hit Josh in the best way. The drive to Elizabeth’s house was very enlightening, and both she and Aaron were described in such a specific and unkind way that it was hard not to have expectations before they even appeared on screen. Ruth suggesting that Josh was anti-Semitic for resenting his brother-in-law’s religiousness elicited a meager defense on his part – that he was half-Jewish – and he was much friendlier to him in person than I would have thought given that charged conversation. I’m very happy to see Shannon Woodward, an actress I’ve liked since “The Riches” who recently appeared in a too-small role on “Westworld,” as Elizabeth, and the way that she communicated both her need for people to buy the specific gifts she told them to and her fury at Josh for questioning God’s existence was fantastic. I hope we’ll get to see more of her again, but I’m not too optimistic given this show’s constantly changing focus. Ruth’s need to pee was an impetus for something I did not see coming, a musical number with a magical background and the two of them dancing on the roof. That’s one way to show that they can’t say I love you to each other, I guess.

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