Friday, August 13, 2021

What I’m Watching: Modern Love

Modern Love: Season 1, Episode 7 “How Do You Remember Me?” (B)

There’s something about this show and its episodes that often feels unfinished, as if they took an idea and then didn’t run that far with it. This installment was markedly shorter, clocking only twenty-four minutes as opposed to the thirty-plus that most of the others from this season were, and it didn’t really advance far in the narrative since it was basically two men walking down a street looking at each other rand reminiscing about the short time they spent together. As usual, the love they even just briefly shared was extremely poignant and passionate, but of course it also happened at an unfortunate moment, just before Ben got the call about his father having collapsed. It was interesting to see how they both remembered the situation in starkly different ways, and they were holding on to the parts of that interaction that they felt they each did wrong rather than try to establish a shared narrative. It’s sort of like “The Affair” but with a more optimistic and less destructive outlook. I thought I recognized both actors but couldn’t peg them. Marquis Rodriguez, who played Ben, had substantial roles on “When They See Us” and “Iron Fist,” while Zane Pais, who played Robbie, has very few credits to his name but did appear in a film I saw last year, “Minyan.” I liked the idea of this episode and the concept of people running into each other like that, but I didn’t feel it was fleshed-out enough to form an entire episode.

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