Wednesday, October 6, 2021

What I’m Watching: Doom Patrol (Season Premiere)

Doom Patrol: Season 3, Episode 1 “Possibilities Patrol” (B+)

I’m so thrilled that this show, which is one of my favorites, is back, and how great to have three episodes in a row to rapidly catch up on as I’m trying to sprint through all of the television I’ve missed in the past few weeks. I’m glad that Dorothy was determined to be friends with her terrifying imaginary candle, and she also didn’t want him to hurt Jane so she wouldn’t let him out when Daddy was in control of her body and trying to hurt her. Jane getting help from all the other personalities in the Underground to overcome Daddy came just in time as she nearly ended up dead, and Cliff caught her at exactly the right moment. Giving Cliff a hug but not being willing to embrace the rest of the team tracked, and Cliff was comfortable declaring that she was officially back. Having him go hold his grandchild and remember what it was like with his own daughter as a baby was sweet, and it’s nice that his inability to physically feel provided a soothing sensation for the baby. I hope that Larry isn’t gone forever and that he’ll be back soon, and Chief, who was ready to give up and have ghost sex, isn’t going anywhere soon given Kipling’s digging up of his body. I like that Vic is still monitoring Roni and trying to keep her out of trouble, something that she’s not on board with at all. As Rita, who blobbed out ahead of the performance of the play, now has to be in charge of things at the mansion, I’m excited for her imminent meeting with a fantastic new member of the cast played by Michelle Gomez, a terrific transplant from “The Flight Attendant” who should shake things up in a big way on this show.

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