Sunday, October 3, 2021

What I’m Watching: Nine Perfect Strangers (Penultimate Episode)

Nine Perfect Strangers: Season 1, Episode 7 “Wheels on the Bus” (B-)

I feel like this show is going a bit off the rails, losing its sense of what’s real and what’s most important as its characters get trapped in their own imaginations. We did get confirmation that Masha’s trauma comes from her daughter being killed, and as Carmel lashed out viciously at her while under the influence of the concoction they were giving her, it became clear by the end in a frightening final scene that she’s the one who shot Masha, which makes some sense but also makes everything much more complicated. Piecing it all together isn’t easy, and I can’t imagine a way in which the final episode of this series is able to be satisfying and coherent. Zoe was right to be skittish about her parents’ willingness to immerse themselves in a delusion to be reunited with their dead son, and it’s obvious that something is seriously wrong if the two people charged with making it all happen are planning their own exit because they can’t take it anywhere. Delilah and Yao aren’t on the same page, which is part of the problem, and Masha doesn’t want to have her authority challenged, which weakens her ability to see flaws in her own plan. Frances and Tony were never going to work out all that easily and, somehow, in all of this, Jessica and Ben are actually coming out ahead, feeling closer than ever before to each other and eager to renew their vows while everything around them is crumbling.

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