Monday, October 4, 2021

What I’m Watching: Nine Perfect Strangers (Series Finale)

Nine Perfect Strangers: Season 1, Episode 8 “Ever After” (C+)

I did not find this to be a particularly fulfilling final episode, and it’s a shame since this show started out from such a promising place. It may be that the intrigue this series offered was too good to be true, in that its characters couldn’t possibly find the answers they wanted and were just going to end up realizing that the environment they had put themselves in was a baseless fantasy. There was something to the Marconis jointly hallucinating a therapeutic conversation with Zach, which Lars was right to recognize wasn’t right for him to be recording, no matter how astounding it might be. Carmel being in the sensory deprivation tank and everyone else being manipulated into thinking they were going to do in a fire were worrisome, as was Napoleon’s nose bleeding while he thought he was having an aneurysm, and the fact that Masha approved of Delilah making the choice to call the police didn’t make her actions any less unconscionable. The montage of resulting relationships suggested that their time at Tranquillum did help them, especially for Frances and Tony, certainly career-wise for Lars, emotionally for Carmel, and apparently with new jobs for the freshly-serene Jessica and Ben. I’m not sure I see the value that’s been achieved over the course of the show’s run, though there were indeed very strong performances. This is a show that I found less engaging as it went on, starting from a fascinating point and then gradually losing my interest. I might still recommend it to others, but it’s far from the most worthwhile series I’ve seen in a while.

Series grade: B
Series MVP: Michael Shannon as Napoleon and Asher Keddie as Heather

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