Sunday, October 31, 2021

What I’m Watching: Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol: Season 3, Episode 6 “1917 Patrol” (B+)

I’ve always been astounded by this show’s ability to truly create an immersive environment where new characters are introduced, and this episode did that very well with the Sisterhood of Dada. After Rita arrived in 1917 and was promptly taken into custody by the Bureau of Normalcy, she bonded with the members of the group, including Laura, whose wordless response to her using her name was entertaining. Rita’s decision to sit down in the main lunch room was a powerful moment of change, one that resulted in her beginning to blob out while everyone looked on in horror and disgust, but the other Dada members stepped in to defend her, which was very sweet. Chanting piffle paffle and putting everyone in circus costumes allowed them to share a sincere connection, and Laura rescued them by shapeshifting into a guard. Obviously plenty changed between then and the present, when the erupting fire with the words piffle paffle indicated that she may well be the target of their ire. Cliff isn’t doing so well indulging in his vices, and selling his own brain blueprints is something he’s going to regret doing. Vic having to consider what he wants to change about himself and why when he went in for a synthetic skin appointment was very interesting, and watching his journey to self-acceptance has been very worthwhile. Larry asking his son to leave after he defended himself was a strong moment, and Jane is taking a major stand against the rest of the underground that may not turn out well in the end.

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