Wednesday, October 6, 2021

What I’m Watching: Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol: Season 3, Episode 2 “Vacay Patrol” (B+)

The idea of our protagonists on this show going on a relaxing vacation didn’t seem all that realistic, and of course they’d end up in a place with no wi-fi and in the company of two aliens hellbent on their destruction. Well, that second part wasn’t exactly true, as conveyed by the monotonous, decades-long effort by Garguax the Decimator to remain vigilant in his hunt for Niles and Rita, and he was ready to just let the team mourn and let Rita move on when they did finally come face-to-face. Samuelson was far less willing to let them go, and that coupled with Madam Rouge’s appearance at the end suggest that little relief lies ahead for this often-embattled team. I did enjoy some of their interpersonal dynamics, like Jane’s secretary personality booking them the trip, Jane mocking Rita when she was all blobbed out in the sack, and Cliff and Jane teaming up to challenge Vic judging who is and isn’t a supervillain. Cliff did have some more serious advice for Vic when he picked up on the romantic feelings he still harbored for Roni but continued to deny, even as his support of her earned him unfortunate consequences. Larry continues to be in search of acceptance for who he has become, and traveling to the negative spirit’s home planet seems so far only to be showing a reflection of who he is now. Only on this show could all the characters dance to “Forever Young” and it wouldn’t seem any weirder than usual.

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