Friday, October 1, 2021

What I’m Watching: The L Word: Generation Q

The L Word: Generation Q: Season 2, Episode 7 “Light” (B+)

Things are finally happening with the two couples that have held out longest, though they almost didn’t until the parties holding them back finally gave in. Dani wasn’t happy that Gigi told her that her feelings for her had changed, but, after she didn’t apologize for it and just stood by her behavior, Dani eventually caved, and Gigi pulled quite the move grabbing her to protect her from the falling raindrops. It’s a good thing considering just how much sex Sophie had with Gigi over the course of the episode, not that she would know that but she could certainly imagine it. Tess and Shane also went for it, but only after they had to help Carrie, who tried so hard with Bette only to be completely rejected, a pattern that others have felt with her dismissing them because she’d rather be with someone else. Sleeping with Pippa was definitely an act of passion, though it’s probably not the smartest business move. Alice fell right back into old habits when she saw Nat, though nothing had changed at all except maybe for the fact that Tom was expecting them to be exclusive, though I think Alice’s own internal struggles will be more difficult to overcome than Tom being open to a relationship. Angie got her own positive romantic development, proving that Jordi was actually much more interested in her and attuned to what she needed at this temperamental time in her life, and that this show is all about giving every one of its characters a spotlight.

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