Friday, May 20, 2011

What I’m Watching: The Chicago Code

The Chicago Code: Season 1, Episode 12 “Greylord & Gambat” (B+)

We’re down to the wire now with the second-to-last episode this show will ever produce. After a slight detour with Wysocki’s wife last episode, we’re back to the Gibbons case front and center with no mention of Wysocki’s personal life, as the secret grand jury meetings begin and Theresa’s star witness, unsurprisingly goes missing. This episode really delves into the complications of undercover work, where Liam is tasked with murdering two innocents (or close to) in cold blood and would most certainly find his cover compromised if he failed to comply. The danger of undercover work is also displayed, as Liam’s identity is revealed and he is nearly summarily executed for his traitorous, law-abiding ways. While it was the only possible option given the absence of her important witness, revealing the existence of an undercover operative seems like too risky a gamble given the immediate danger it put Liam in and the ease with which Gibbons’ lackeys were able to determine who he was based on creative deductive reasoning. The ending of this episode certainly represents a dramatic change in the direction of the storyline, as Gibbons realizes that he is out of all moves but one and decides to approach Wysocki to attempt to buy him off and barter a deal. Next week’s series finale is sure to be intense and hopefully satisfying, giving us a rich end to a strong arc this season that has featured the head-to-head battle between Theresa and Wysocki and their nemesis Alderman Gibbons.

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