Sunday, May 1, 2011

What I’m Watching: The Office

The Office: Season 7, Episode 22 “Goodbye, Michael” (A-)

It’s a difficult thing to say goodbye to a character after spending seven years with him. Fortunately, this episode serves as a very fitting send-off for one of television’s most entertaining personalities. It was nice to see Michael be mature and express himself kindly, at least as kindly as he could, to all of his employees as he bid them adieu, including his much-loathed HR rep Toby. Seeing him cross names off his list as he made his way around the office was touching, and it’s fun for us as viewers to see that he saved the most important characters, namely Jim and Pam, for last. His letter of recommendation for Dwight was wonderful, and I like that Jim did nothing but praise and thank him in his final goodbye. The ending unmiked interaction with Pam was a brilliant last shot, and a perfect final sight of Michael as he walked off to board his plane. The ultimate sign that Michael has become a bigger and better person came when he panicked and decided that maybe he shouldn’t move to Colorado, only to be talked down by the mere sound of Holly’s goofy voice. The office is going to be a different place without him, although not so different, as evidenced by the final scene in the episode, where Deangelo demonstrates himself to be capable of being just as much of a brainless brute as Michael could sometimes be. Andy rescuing and saving the sales call was a pleasant subplot, and I’m hopeful that Erin will find happiness with whatever person she chooses to date or not date. I’m looking forward to the final episodes of the season, mostly to see exactly what this now lead-less has in store for us!

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Greg Boyd said...

I completely forgot to mention Michael being civil to Toby, which was a really nice touch. Excellent episode, although once again "Parks and Rec" managed to top it.