Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What I’m Watching: Desperate Housewives (Season Finale)

Desperate Housewives: Season 7, Episodes 22 & 23 “And Lots of Security…” & “Come on Over for Dinner” (C+)

A co-worker of mine noted that this finale didn’t end on much of a cliffhanger, and it’s definitely true. This episode goes the route traditionally taken by cable shows, where season-long tensions culminate in some major event that then leads to tranquility, rather than the usual format for broadcast network series, which often end off on a huge shocker that necessitates tuning in next year. Those who have grown disillusioned with this show could easily check out after this somewhat bow-wrapped finale, not concerned about being left hanging. That’s not a flaw of the show, necessarily, though this finale had other problems. The sudden appearance of Gaby’s stepfather is peculiar mostly because it’s unrelated to anything that’s happened in the season or the show, and to have him become such an aggressive presence all of a sudden is a jolt. He’s only tangentially connected to one plotline this season, and that’s all too close to the Grace-doll storyline, which was this show’s worst plotline since Tom’s daughter Kayla. The casting of Tony Plana also marks the second waste of an “Ugly Betty” alum in this episode, though at least Vanessa Williams had a decent character to play. The invocation of a two-hour relationship, a storyline which quickly become overdone, is fitting for Renee, a character who never had anything to do because she wasn’t given anything to do. Past new characters like Katharine at least had a crazy ex or a secret about their children, and all Renee did was sleep with Tom, something that has been completely buried and forgotten. In terms of not getting anywhere, Paul’s entire plotline has now come full-circle, essentially negating this entire season featuring his return. He became a better person, but still chose to go atone for his crimes even though Susan had forgiven him and no one was asking him to do that. Also, it appears that unrepentant crazy people get what’s coming to them, as Felicia’s fate suggests. Tom and Lynette’s decision to separate is certainly the dramatic point of the episode, but I won’t soon forget the comic shenanigans that we had to go through to get to this point. I can’t imagine where we’re headed next with them, since seeing them struggle through a divorce wouldn’t be productive, and a newly single Lynette wouldn’t work well either. On a lighter note, I did enjoy the developments related to Bree and Chuck, even if they didn’t quite go with the rest of the episode. I’d like to see more of Chuck next season since I think he’s exactly the right match for Bree. Like this episode, this season has been a rollercoaster ride without much sense of where it’s going, other than back to the beginning. Though I doubt it will be the case, I could easily be swayed by the relatively tied-up conclusion and not return to watch this show in the fall. Seven years is a long time, and I may be done.

Season grade: C
Season MVP: Mark Moses as Paul

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