Sunday, May 22, 2011

What I’m Watching: Modern Family

Modern Family: Season 2, Episode 23 “See You Next Fall” (B+)

Despite the title, which represents an event related to the show’s world rather than that of the audience, this isn’t the season finale. It still serves as a proper tribute to all of the characters, fleshing out their insecurities and motivations before coming to a wonderfully sweet and appropriately sentimental conclusion. I’ve really enjoyed the recent emphasis on the relationship between Haley and Alex, which I think is very typical of two teenage sisters, one of whom is the cool one and the other the smart one. While her improvised speech proved not to be all that impressive, it’s nice that Alex took her sister’s feelings and recommendations into consideration. Alex’s transformation and Haley’s simultaneous regression were wonderfully choreographed. I think Phil is at best when he’s trying to orchestrate something involving Claire, and this episode was no exception as he wanted her to break down before his big break to Vegas with his buddies. We haven’t seen Phil in that context for most of this season, so it’s fun to have him back. Jay getting Botox and then trying to play off it going wrong is completely in line with his character, as is his frustration with the garage clicker not working. I enjoyed seeing Cameron get upset after Mitchell laughed at his clumsiness, since he really is quite hilarious even when he doesn’t intend to me. Ultimately, Alex’s speech, coupled with the relevant pans to the family members, was a great way to close out this episode, and how lucky are we that we still have one more episode left this season!

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