Monday, May 16, 2011

What I’m Watching: Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation: Season 3, Episodes 13 & 14 “The Fight” & “Road Trip” (B+)

Double episodes this week and next week! What have we done to deserve this wondrous reward? Leave it to this show to handle a plotline that might otherwise fall flat with grace and really make it work. Tom has been plugging the Snake Hole Lounge since day one (or rather, the moment he acquired an interest in it), and his invitation to everyone to help launch his signature drink, hopefully better than his signature cologne, is completely to be expected. I had seen an animated graphic of each of the characters talking to the camera while consuming Snake Juice, and it was done in brilliant moderation, showcasing just a few moments of insanity on the part of each of them. It was well worth it if only for the parting shot and dialogue of a completely sober Donna driving everyone in her car home with an unseen Tom in the trunk and Jerry on the roof. Ron arriving the following morning with a bag of burgers and fries to help everyone's hangovers was fun, as was the sight of April with pillows taped over her ears. Leslie suggesting Ann for a job in the health department is a smart idea, especially for those who feel that Ann no longer has much of a place on the show. I liked April and Andy's role play at the club, and it was also enjoyable to see them come back together after being driven apart by Tom's Newlywed Game rip-off. I love it when April turns to Ann for help regarding Andy and refuses to be nice to her or listen to her. Leslie trying so hard not to let anything happen with her and Ben was fun, coupled with Ann's rather unenthusiastic ability to support Leslie by putting a romantic track on her dull mix and encouraging her when she said that something almost happened. The fact that Ben just up and kissed her was great, and hopefully Chris, who has proven to be a surprising stickler for rules, will be able to let them get away with being together, though a secret romance might not be bad. He did make Tom sell his shares of the Snake Hole Lounge though, so it appears nothing is sacred.


Greg Boyd said...

Is it fair to say that this season of "Parks and Rec" might be one of the top 5 seasons of comedy TV ever? Season 2 was great, but this season has been even better. Two more next week, and then it's done until the fall. Fortunately, NBC isn't going to hold it back until mid-season again, so it won't be too long a wait.

Andrew K. said...

I'm so happy that Ann can have more screen time. Rashida Jones was one of my favourite things on this brilliant show back in season one (and the first half of season two) and she hasn't been getting good plots for a while (I have to admit, I LOVED her and Andy's relationship) so I'm glad to see her working with the gang.