Thursday, May 12, 2011

What I’m Watching: Chuck

Chuck: Season 4, Episode 23 “Chuck Versus the Last Details” (B+)

Even if the sudden infusion of the recently relatively absent Mary into a mission just before the big wedding feels a bit random, it’s good to keep everyone on their toes at this point, especially considering the level of activity the last time a Bartowski got married. It’s also fun, if a bit light, to have Chuck tested in terms of his manliness and devotion to his bride-to-be by having to beat Casey up in front of an enemy guard. Sarah seems almost indifferent to the situation, but she does think that her guy is sweet for trying, which is nice. I’m most pleased by the spotlighting of Chuck’s abilities as an unconventional spy, someone who is able and ready to point out to Vivian Volkoff that she’s not this person and that she doesn’t have to be evil. It’s hard to resist when you have Ray Wise whispering devilish thoughts in your ear, though, and now that Vivian has decided that she wants to take Sarah away from Chuck, there’s no turning back. I too thought that it might be a minor character like Mary who, like her husband, could easily be killed off and leave a dent in the show without truly transforming it. Sarah, on the other hand, would be a significant loss, and I’m curious what Chuck and his crew are going to do since he’s never quite been in a situation of having to save her from certain death. Next week marks the season finale, and on that same day we’ll learn for sure whether or not the show will be back next year.

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Greg Boyd said...

It's already been renewed. At least, that's what I heard. And "The Chicago Code" and "Human Target" are dead.

Not a good day if you're a fan of bubble shows on Fox, sorry to say.