Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What I’m Watching: Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives: Season 7, Episode 21 “Then I Really Got Scored” (C)

After watching this show for seven years, it makes sense to me that this would be the last episode before a two-hour season finale, since certain characters are suddenly reaching major peaks of development, random new villains and plotlines are being introduced last minute to feed into next season or peter out next week, and Bree is being romanced by a new mystery man who’s probably both shady and a killer. Susan rushing back to her school with everyone knowing about her work as a webcam maid and winning everyone over with an emergency batch of cookies is just the kind of logic that this show has coasted on for several years now, and she couldn’t have handled her big cookie reveal any worse. Paul coming in with the police and literally pointing a finger at her was a bit too blatant for my tastes, and for her to end up in prison after everything this season would be preposterous. Lynette and Tom’s bickering is reaching uncomfortable levels, turning what has generally been an unserious plot into something horrifically grave, and I wouldn’t want to see either of them single since that would really drag down the show. The appearance of a man wearing a top hat just as Gaby happens to camp outside and try to show her daughter there’s nothing to be afraid of is just so random, and I am just a bit curious about who it might be. As far as Bree’s new man goes, they’re certainly a pair made for each other, and I’m hopeful that they can work it out as long as there’s nothing wrong with him, since he seems like an intriguing character that can keep Bree on her toes rather than drag her down.


Andrew K. said...

"Bree is being romanced by a new mystery man who’s probably both shady and a killer."

I love this quote, I know it doesn't ALWAYS happen but I feel like every season ends with Bree hooking up with some creepy man - I remember when Orson first came.

I miss Keith, though. The Susan plot-line was going well until Paul came in, that part was just too ridiculous for words.

Movies with Abe said...

Keith didn't do all that much for me, but at least Brian Austin Green is a pretty strong actor. I liked Orson's first appearance, and it saddens me so much how that character was ruined. This show used to be so good! Thanks for commenting, Andrew.