Sunday, May 8, 2011

What I’m Watching: Modern Family

Modern Family: Season 2, Episode 21 “Mother’s Day” (B+)

We’re back after a week off with a superb episode that has terrific plotlines in store for every one of its characters. It’s nice to see that Claire and Gloria can find something in common, their love for nature and hikes. Having the four children – Haley, Alex, Luke, and Manny – bond over their shared hatred of their mothers’ chosen activity was amusing, and I like how Luke and Manny are constantly at odds with each other and unable to comprehend one another. Claire encouraging Gloria to express her frustrations with Manny was amusing, and I like how Gloria came clean with everything before apologizing profusely to her son and garnering appalled, highly judgmental facial expression and commentary from Claire for the health of their relationship. Phil’s mix of horror and excitement at Jay shedding a tear for his mother was a perfect use of both characters, and different enough from their previous interactions, like when Jay hit Phil in the face with his miniature airplane. Cameron’s dismay at being thought of as a wife was hilarious and completely understandable, and Mitchell did a brilliant job of playing into it and freaking him out even more. His acceptance of the flowers and taunting of the person who asked him if he could throw the ball, followed by his accidental knocking off of an elderly man from a bicycle, was very fun, and I imagine this would be just the episode for Eric Stonestreet to submit as he competes for another Emmy this year.

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