Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What I’m Watching: Boardwalk Empire

Boardwalk Empire: Season 4, Episode 10 “White Horse Pike” (B+)

It’s interesting to see where this season is currently at, considering it was at a similar junction at this point last year, but those events involved Nucky in a much more direct fashion. Now, he’s caught in between Chalky and Narcisse, and because the latter, who is much better at being a team player than Gyp was, threatened to cut him out of the business entirely, he’s content to throw his business partner Chalky under the bus. Fortunately, Chalky is more with it than he seems, realizing that he was headed for certain death and fighting back to save his life. I like the rapport he has with Harrow, and it’s good to see two people who don’t get along with most working together well. I’m more than a little concerned about Narcisse chatting up Maybelle, and I don’t want to be know what nefarious plan he’s soon going to hatch to get revenge on the man who gunned down most of his entourage. Another big shooting nearly claimed the life of Al, who always seems to survive while his friends die around him. Nelson saving his life is sure to earn him some much-needed points. Knox shooting one of Lansky’s men in the head was brutal, and it’s a sign of just how little patience he has for the behavior of those he is secretly hunting. Margaret is proving herself to be quite creative, making the best of an unwanted alliance with a man who seems very intrigued by her. The final scene was immensely powerful thanks to Willie’s quote and Eli’s reaction: “Isn’t this what we do?”

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