Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What I’m Watching: The Good Wife

The Good Wife: Season 5, Episode 8 “The Next Month” (B+)

There’s always so much going on on this show, and I’m enjoying seeing a few plotlines that haven’t recently been emphasized proceed with some interesting developments. It’s wonderful to see America Ferrera as Natalie Flores again, and to see how she, like so many others, wants to talk to Alicia rather than just some partner at Lockhart Gardner, now known as LG. Howard offering to meet with her while David ignored her was an entertaining chain of events, and it’s great to see that, through lots of hard work, Alicia, Cary, and especially Robin were able to save Tomas’ life. As always, the steps in the legal process are many, but this show manages to be thoroughly entertaining and well-constructed. I’m glad to see that Kalinda inspired Robin to be proactive and to show that she deserves to keep her job. I like that Melissa George’s pregnant ethics watchdog is no longer a threat to Peter’s marriage, for the time being at least, but her quirks, like eating pumpkin Pop-Tarts during business meetings, are quite amusing. I’m so glad that Eli revised his earlier lie to come meet Natalie and plant a memorable kiss on her, which she warmly returned. Will is towing a dangerous line by having his new bedroom playmate at work, and it’s no surprise that David took the opportunity to poison her against him by tipping her off to Will’s affection for Alicia. He may be on fire at work, but he needs to realize that she’s going to bring him down if she won’t stop letting him focus.

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