Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What I’m Watching: Masters of Sex

Masters of Sex: Season 1, Episode 6 “Brave New World” (B+)

It didn’t seem like she’d have much of a part at the start of this show, but Libby is quickly becoming this show’s most fascinating character, and that’s saying something. Her giddy amusement at the sexual proclivity displayed by their older neighbors at the hotel was endearing, and, unlike her husband, she really is trying to get their marriage back on track by getting them away from everything. Bill’s inability to detach himself from his work and from science, however, was his downfall, and kudos to Libby for standing up for herself and staying after sending him home. She managed to make friends quickly, but it all went downhill when she made up a family that she couldn’t keep straight once she got drunk, and then all too serious when her new friend tried to put a move on her while his wife was sleeping in the next room. Another female character who got a superb spotlight in this hour was Margaret Scully, played by the always excellent Allison Janney, whose reaction to the superb six-and-a-half shoe size story was simply terrific. It’s a shame that Bill and Virginia didn’t let her into the study, and I hope nothing bad comes of it. Her tryst with Austin was awfully scandalous, and I suppose it’s a good thing for him to get his mind off Jane while helping a very repressed and unfulfilled woman discover something new about herself. All the Freud talk led to Virginia taking some productive initiative, and I love that Bill’s response to Dr. DePaul complaining about Virginia not correcting people who called her doctor was to promote her to research assistant. There was nothing better in this whole hour than that final scene, where Virginia dutifully took off her shirt and prepared to do endeavor further in the name of science.

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