Sunday, November 3, 2013

What I’m Watching: Parenthood

Parenthood: Season 5, Episode 6 “The M Word” (B+)

This episode was actually quite hopeful in some respects, allowing a few of its couples and other pairs the opportunity to patch up their relationships. Drew telling Amber that he couldn’t be a part of a wedding ceremony of hers that didn’t involve Sarah was great, and, in conjunction with Camille’s advice, it was nice to see Sarah and Amber reconcile at the end of the episode. I was very worried that Crosby’s lack of enthusiasm for a minivan and his subsequent drinking at work would lead to something far worse than is ever the case on this show – that should have been my first clue – and I was relieved to see it left at him eating his words and Jasmine being called the coolest wife. Zeek suggesting the idea of seeing a condo was unexpected, but he made up for his step forward by being so negative when they looked at it. Camille going to Italy by herself should present an interesting opportunity for Zeek to do some self-examination, and we’ll see how things pan out when he returns. Julia’s canvassing night actually went well, but I’m quite concerned about her bonding over fancy meals with Ed and not telling Joel about it because he’s bound to find out, and it will likely turn into a much bigger deal at that point. Kristina getting stomped on before her debate and then during it by Bob was hard to watch, but seeing her triumph so magnificently was wonderful, and let’s hope that the good times just keep on rolling for her campaign.

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