Monday, November 25, 2013

What I’m Watching: Parenthood

Parenthood: Season 5, Episode 9 “Election Day” (B+)

This episode’s central storyline, the election, served as a good focal point for the rest of the episode’s minor plotlines involving all of the other characters. The fact that Kristina lost and that we only found out from her confirmation of her concession speech to her supporters is disappointing, but I think this show is much more about its characters’ journeys than their new roles, meaning that it wouldn’t have actually been fulfilling to see Kristina in her new daily role as mayor. Getting thanked by the deaf child whose mother she had hugged at the debate was much more meaningful, as was Adam’s admission about his initial feelings and gradually transformed position. Crosby revealing that he had never actually voted was a fun and not too detrimental story, and it was great to see Jabar get so excited after Crosby’s act of public voting. Joel and Julia’s situation, however, was far worse, and seeing Joel storm out in his suit to go fix problems and home and leave Julia behind was heartbreaking. Julia coming to him at work and yelling at Pete was bad, as was Ed saying hello when Victor was being taken to his new class. I’m very worried about their relationship. I did enjoy Sarah and Hank’s latest interaction, spurred on by Max’s decision to ask Hank’s unfriendly daughter to be his girlfriend. Ryan may have had reason to be upset with Amber after she ditched him two nights in a row, but repeatedly punching one of the band members was definitely an overreaction, and Amber’s tears at the police station when Zeek arrived were indicative of just how serious his actions were.

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