Saturday, November 9, 2013

What I’m Watching: Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy: Season 6, Episode 9 “John 8:32” (A-)

This was definitely the show’s strongest and most powerful outing this season, but I do have to take issue with just one thing. I understand that SAMCRO lives in a violent world, but showing people biting off crucial body parts is not necessary. Clay getting some time for his own purposes and then to get beat up by his victim could have happened just as compellingly without the sight of the guard’s nose being ripped off. Clay did make quite a scene, and it’s the loudest and most forceful we’ve seen him be in a while. On the outside, things are certainly unraveling, and they started to border on the dangerous in this hour as Jax finally started to comprehend what was going on. Nero going to talk to both Jax and Tara took guts, and he paid for his helpful interference with that short but brutal fight with Jax. Confronting Robin Weigert’s lawyer was an extreme but crucial move on Jax’s part, and it’s jarring to see just how frightened she is when faced with the threat of violence given the line of work she’s in. I haven’t noted this before, but if you want the change to see Weigert and Siff together onscreen in vastly different roles, check out the terrific film “Concussion.” The introduction of this troubled girl character helps to cast more sympathy on Jax as he prepares for what’s sure to be a heated and furious battle for custody with Tara. What was most memorable and intense about this episode was Jax going in to see Patterson, and offering up a surprising amount of truth in exchange for a deal that might, but probably won’t, leave the club intact and unscathed.

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