Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Top 14 New Shows of 2014: #11

My annual TV Awards, the AFT Television Awards, are given out during the summer. But this year, during both the spring and the fall, produced many impressive new television series. As 2014 closes out and 2015 begins, here’s a look back at the best new shows of the year.

This British HBO import didn’t exactly roll out in dramatic fashion, airing its six episodes two at a time over the course of three weeks. It was fun – and by that I mean incredibly awkward – to see Emily Mortimer play a version of herself unable to see how she treated her best friend turned assistant, who of course went out of her way to make every situation as uncomfortable as possible. Doll and Em will be back for a second round, and while it’s not the most inventive show with people playing themselves that the UK has made, it is enjoyable and worth watching.

Best Episode: “Episode 1
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