Monday, December 8, 2014

What I’m Watching: Sons of Anarchy (Penultimate Episode)

Sons of Anarchy: Season 7, Episode 12 “Red Rose” (B+)

This ride is almost over, and this was a fitting second-to-last (extended) hour, one that included a handful of deaths but wasn’t nearly as gruesome as most of this season has felt. Even Juice’s demise, bloody as it was, didn’t feel gratuitous, mainly because he accepted his fate and even handed Tully the murder weapon, completely at peace with what had to happen and ready for it. Gemma was the same way, sitting with Jax and talking about the past. It was Unser whose death was unnecessary but I suppose unavoidable, since he linked his fate with Gemma’s and stood in Jax’s way, thinking that he wouldn’t shoot him and that it may somehow protect Gemma. It’s just a shame that Nero sent him up north to protect her and now he’s responsible for Unser’s death, something which might mark Jax as a target if his own club doesn’t vote to have him meet Mr. Mayhem. Jax seems completely ready for a guilty verdict, and it’s hard to know who will step up to replace him, though Chibs seems the likely choice with Tig as his loyal number two. Unser aside, there was a distinct lack of law enforcement in this episode, but things were more peaceful than they’ve been in a long time, Connor being the sole exception, so maybe everything is finally reaching a cooling period. With just one episode to go, “The Shield” managed to feature its sixth major cast member on this show, and it was none other than Michael Chiklis, who caught me and I’m sure many others off-guard with his brief role as an inconsequential trucker who happened to be the last person to see Gemma alive. It’s nice to see another friendly FX face. I’m sure that the series finale, however long it will be, will be emotional and memorable, and I’m looking forward to the fateful goodbye for this show.

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